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The following project describes how to capture the RF-Link between the Maverick ET-732 BBQ thermometer Sender and Receiver.
The temperature readings are displayed via the Flyport Homepage and are also sent to COSM, for easy monitoring while away from the BBQ. This comes very hand for long-jobs like pulled-pork or beef-brisket.

The Concept

The Maverick sender sends the temperature data over a 434MHz radio-link with ASK OOK to the Maverick receiver. A 434MHz receiver is used to capture this radio-link.
The Flyport decodes the data sent by the 434MHz module and displays it with an autorefresh feature on the own Homepage. Additionally the data is sent to the cloud-service COSM, in order to have a possibility to monitor the data while away from the home-network. COSM also provides some nice graphs.



The List of Materials

  • Maverick ET-732 BBQ thermometer
  • Flyport WiFi
  • MiniUSB Programmer
  • Aurel MID RX 3V – 434MHz receiver
  • A Soldering iron
  • some wires
  • 5V DC power supply

How to make it

Prepare the hardware

It is very simple to connect the 434MHz receiver to the Flyport. Basically the module just needs a 3,3V supply, an 17,25cm antenna (measured from the PCB edge of the 434MHz module) and the data-output needs to be connected to D1_in of the Flyport.
In Addition it is possible to connect a DS18S20 to D2_in in order to measure the ambient temperature.
Prepare the 434MHz module:


How to connect the 434MHz module to the Flyport:


Download the code

DOWNLOAD the source code of this project.

Install and use

On the folder OBJ you find the .hex file for Flyport. Download it using the IDE on your module.
There is no modification necessary for the Maverick sender or receiver. They can be used as-is.
Just turn on the Maverick sender (receiver can be also turned on, but that’s not necessary for this mod to work) and supply 5V to your Flyport
Flyport will immediately start capturing the RF-link (Data is sent every 12 seconds from sender to receiver) and will display it on the Flyport homepage in 1 minute intervals.


Use it with CoSM

If you want to use COSM you have to fill in your feed-ID and API-Key where the questions-marks in the file taskFlyport.c are:
// Defines the URL to be requested, It containes the feed number to use.
static ROM char RemoteURL[] = "/v2/feeds/??????.csv";
// Defines the Pachube API Key to use
static ROM char PachubeKey[] = "????????????????????????????????????????????????";

You can view your data via COSM:


Now it is up to you how and where you monitor the BBQ-, food- and ambient-temperature:


The LEDs will flash up during capturing of the 434MHz RF-link and during sending temperature data via WiFi:



Read this post on openPicus Blog. Here is a video demonstrating the hack


Special thanks to Michael Posavec for this great hack and for the detailed project description!

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