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This is a smooth-wake-alarm system based on the Flyport Ethernet and Lighting Nest. The system can automatically dim your room light before you wake up and also activate the coffee machine on time. An Android app allows you to set the internal alarm clock and an alarm for activating the coffee machine.

The app communicates with the Flyport web server through a REST API. The Flyport includes all the essential libraries for time management (internal alarm, setting time automatically through SNTP). The Lighting Nest has 3 relay switches on board that can be used to activate any external circuit.

Project idea

Create a ‘smooth alarm system’ that communicates with an android alarm application and can dim the room light before waking up and turn on the coffee machine on time.

Bill of materials

1 Flyport Ethernet module
1 Flyport Lighting Nest
1 Led
2 resistors
Power source


The project consists of two parts:
a) the Android application that will be used for setting the wake alarm and setting the time for dimming the light (LED) and activating the coffee machine (using the Lighting Nest’s relay switch)
b) The hardware for activating the coffee machine and dimming the LED.

The Flyport Ethernet provides all the essential functionality for receiving the wakeup and coffee machine activation time (through the embedded Web Server) and includes libraries for time control (like getting actual time through SNTP and setting an internal alarm).
The Lighting Nest provides relay switches (up to 5A) that can be used to directly activate the coffee machine.
To emulate the light dimming, PWM is used on a LED. Lighting Nest provides a PWM output on the EXPANSION connector.
The time handling will be performed completely on the Flyport module since the accompanying libraries make time handling a piece of cake!

Source code

Source code for Flyport Ethernet and Android app

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