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IoT kit is a modular, fast prototyping system for Internet of Things applications.
The benefit of this kit is that there are lot of compatible sensors and actuators (Grove devices) provided with libraries. Hardware startup is matter of seconds: just plug the Grove device on the right Grove connector and start to code.
On the IoT Kit there's also an integrated microUSB connector to flash your firmware on FlyportPRO module.

Iotwifi.jpg Iotgprs v2.jpg
IoT kit Wi-Fi is composed by:
- 1 FlyportPRO Wi-Fi
- 1 IoT carrier board
- 1 Power supply 5V 500mA

IoT kit GPRS is composed by:
- 1 FlyportPRO GPRS v2
- 1 GPRS antenna
- 1 IoT carrier board
- 1 Power supply 5V 2A
SIM Card is not included. The GPRS module needs a 2G network, be sure that the SIM you are buying is 2G compatible (for ex. TRE, H3G and similar operators are only 3G and the SIM will not work!)

Grove devices type

Grove devices (sensors/actuators) are

  • Digital: those devices must be plugged to any DIGx grove port
  • Analog: those devices must be plugged to any ANx grove port
  • I2C: those devices must be plugged to I2C grove port

NOTE: This board doesn't support all the Grove devices from Seeedstudio. The supported devices are on If you use not supported devices you do at your own risk.

IoT board

The IoT board is a carrier board for FlyportPRO where's a micro USB for programming, 5 Grove ports, two status leds and a micro SD card slot.
Grove ports:

  • 2 Digital (DIG1, DIG2)
  • 2 Analog (AN1, AN2)
  • 1 I2

Just plug a Grove devices to the right Grove port and start to code. For example a "digital" sensor must be connected to any of the DIGx Grove port. The I2C port supports more than one device on the same port since there's a Grove I2C hub available on our Store.
The board is 5V powered by the included Power supply. The microUSB connector is used only to flash firmware to the FlyportPRO module.
There's also the possibility to power the board by a 3,7V rechargeable Lithium battery. Just connect the battery on BATTERY connector: the battery charging circuit is onboard.

IoT board

FlyportPRO mounting instructions

FlyportPRO modules have 2 female connectors: J1 and J2.
On this carrier board there are 2 male connectors: J1 and J2.
The right way to mount FlyportPRO on the carrier board is: J1 must be plugged on J1 while J2 on J2.

MicroSD card slot

The microSD card slot can be used to save data or to load custom settings. It's possible to use a custom FAT system library to read, write and create files.
Learn how to use the microSD card.


A Lithium battery charger is onboard and you can connect a 3.7V 1000mAH LiPo battery. The red led near to the battery will show the status (charging or not) and you have a software command to read the battery voltage on your application.

Technical Information

Get started

Install the right IDE

Go to the Getting started and install the IDEpro

Create your first Grove project

On the IDEpro there are several project templates. Create a new project using IoT Kit template.
The generated project includes the Grove Basic libraries which allow to initialize the system and much more.
Reading a sensor or turning on a actuator is now a matter of 2 lines of code.
Discover how to use the Grove libraries

Grove devices and libraries

On the Grove devices page you find technical information and you can download specific library for each Grove device

IOT Board APIs

Some special functions APIs helper are included on IOTkit templates of Flyport IDE PRO.

  • float ReadBatteryLevel() - Return the voltage battery level converted
  • void GroveDevicesPowerSupply(BOOL enable) - Enables or disables Grove Devices Power Supply to reduce current consumption

Where to Buy

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