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Title Description Hardware
A Fridge Alarm Stop eating at night! This fridge alarm sends email to somebody when you open the door of the fridge during the night. IoT Kit
Monitor your activity at the desk This monitoring system sends data to Xively to log your habits when you work with the PC. IoT Kit

Community made stuff

The following projects and tools are made by the community members and are provide as is. The openPicus team does not verify or guarantee in any way.
Would you also like to share your project? Just send us an email and provide us:
- Doc file with introduction and step by step instruction to build your project (pictures/videos are always useful)
- Source code for the IDE


Title Description Hardware Credits
IKEA RGB Led Strip Hack Ikea RGB strip has been hacked: control your leds from the webserver. This project that has been featured on Lifehacker, and Instructable. Flyport WiFi Simone Marra
Umbrella Stand The smart umbrella stand let's you know when it's better to catch your umbrella! It gets weather forecast data on World Weather Online Grove Board+Flyport WiFi Simone Marra
Grove Board with Enocean Simple project to display on serial monitor Enocean messages Grove Board+Flyport WiFi Antoine Monmarché
Add WiFi to Kettler Cardio Fitness models with RS232 WiFi enable the Kettler Cardio Fitness models with RS232 bus Flyport WiFi Werner
Wi-Fi Geiger counter A radioactivity meater that sends data to Internet Flyport WiFi+Custom board Marcus Vohburger
Flyport Webcam with SD Flyport controls and copies pictures from a serial camera to SD card USB NEST+Flyport WiFi Rolf Ziegler
Flyport Webcam with FTP Flyport controls and copies pictures from a serial camera to FTP USB NEST+Flyport WiFi Rolf Ziegler
Flyport airborne data communications Quadforge: Quadcopter with Wi-Fi and camera onboard for environmental surveying and data collection Flyport WiFi Montgomery County Community College
Wifi bbq How to control a BBQ over Wi-Fi with Cosm or webserver. Maverick BBQ system hacked. Flyport WiFi Michael Posavec
Freedomotic Plugin Home and Building Automation with an open source domotic framework Grove Board+Flyport WiFi Mauro Cicolella
Multiroom Audio Controlled by FLYPORT WiFi Speakercraft MZC-88 controlled by iPad over Wi-Fi Flyport WiFi Larry
Wi-Fi home automation Control your house by the Webserver of Flyport Flyport WiFi Cisium
Temperature & Humidity Pachube-Cosm Project Flyport sends data to Cosm (former Pachube) Flyport WiFi+Custom board Alex Donatelli
Internet of Things with Webserver Nimbits, Thingspeak and more with Flyport Flyport WiFi jmlambert
Greenhouse A useful set of tools, code and libraries to implement your remote Greenhouse control system Grove Board+Flyport WiFi Diego Candido
NXT2WIFI: Wi-Fi webserver for Mindstorms Control your Lego Mindstorm creation by Wi-Fi using the Webserver of Flyport Flyport WiFi+Custom board Daniele Benedettelli
Smooth wake alarm The alarm of your Android is connected to Flyport that wakes you and the coffee is already there Flyport WiFi+Lighting NEST Charalampos Doukas
DCC railway model controlled with Wi-Fi Control a railway model with an iPhone using Flyport Flyport WiFi Laurence Watts
BENGiE An ultra cool project of a Robot used from the for teaching purposes USB NEST+Flyport WiFi Cathal Deehy-Power
ZROBOT iPhone controlled Wi-Fi robot Control your ZRobot by iPhone using the Webserver of Flyport Flyport WiFi Rolf Ziegler
Wi-Fi visual multirobot Robot with moving camera to capture stereo images Flyport WiFi Mihai Veliche
Online PIC programmer Flyport webserver acts as programmer for a target board Flyport WiFi Jair de Souza Junior
220V plug controlled by Wi-Fi Switch a relay using Flyport webserver USB NEST+Flyport WiFi Antoine Monmarché
Flyport FTP Webcam Have a webcam automatically save images to an FTP server Flyport WiFi Rolf Ziegler
Z-Control Grove Thermostat On top of an accurate thermostat I could control it over my iPad Flyport WiFi B Rolf Ziegler
Z-Control GPS-Localizer Know the GPS position with an SMS Grove Board+Flyport GPRS Rolf Ziegler
A Fridge Alarm Know when the fridge was opened IoT Kit+FLYPORTPRO WIFI Stefano Saccucci


Here are some tools the community created to simplify your development on Flyport:

Title Description Hardware Credits
DooIP A standardized, lightweight, JSON based firmware to control Flyport by Android and more Flyport WiFi AreaMobile&Davide Vicca
TABRANET This tool allows you to create easily fantastic dashboards for your application pages running on the Flyport web server FLYPORT NEX
FlyMySensors A Website that interacts with third party extensions and accept HTTP requests coming from Flyport FLYPORT Diego Candido
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