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BaseBoard and flyport connected using UARTs

Project History

The BENGiE project, is a third year project in Waterford Institute of Technology (WIT)[1],that has been going on for a many years now and the robot that you see is the mk2 version of it. Each year the third year students get to work on it in the second semester and they pass all there information onto the next year in the form of project folders and files.

This version of BENGiE was started in 2009. The mechanical engineer students in WIT built the frame of the robot and it original had tracks on it, but due to the tracks kept slipping on it, the alternative solution was to put wheels on it instead. After the frame was built for the robot, the electronic engineers students had to each built there own baseboard from the design stage of have different components, to get it sent to off for PCB manufacturing. Then after the board is set back, each student then had to populate the board and test that all the board is functioning and if there was any bug in there design they had to debug the board and find the fault and try to repair the board if possible, so all the function on the board were working. This section of the project was done in the first semester of third year.

In the second semester of the year, each student got there own project for the year. As the first semester every student has the same task of building the Baseboard, compared to the second semester, were each student gets give the own project to be completed. This is were I got my project to do with the Flyport. so at the start of the second semester, you have 12 weeks to complete your objective of your project. This includes research into the project and different solution that you can chose. An example of this would be the neck of the robot. The student would have to research what method that they going to move the head (e.g. servo motor, stepping motor) and then find where to buy the parts and then you have to get approval of this from you project manager(Lecture), and then have to place a order with them for them, to order the parts for you. Also at the same time, be programming the baseboard for CAN Bus code that runs on all the Baseboards. When you get the parts for your project, you then have to complete the rest of the project within the 12 weeks, before you have to give a presentation on the project to costumer (other lectures).

Video of BENGiE:

How Dose BENGiE Operate

BENGiE Webpage 1.
BENGiE Home Page
BENGiE Webpage 2.
BENGiE Camera Page
BENGiE Webpage 3.
BENGiE Control Page
BENGiE Flow Chart.
BENGiE Flow Chart

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Project Open Issues

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