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What you are going to learn

This tutorial will show you the Announce service and how to use it to discover the Flyport IP.

Announce service

The Announce service is an UDP broadcast service.
When a Flyport connects to the network, it sends UDP broadcast the following message:

PICUS <- Host name
00-1E-C0-0E-6C-74 <- MAC address
DHCP/Power event occurred <- Only for the connection

PICUS and MAC address can be set through the Wizard.

The message is sent from the Flyport port 2860 to the port 30303 on the router.


You must only check the Announce service option in the second page of the Wizard:
Wizard announce.jpg

This service is completely automatic.

Test it

To test the service, you can use any software for sending and receiving UDP packets.
We do the tests with with TCP/IP Builder software.

Announce service at the connection

Open the TCP/IP Builder and write in the text-boxes:

Socket Setup:
Local IP -> IP of the PC
Port -> 30303

Connection Setup:
IP ->
Port -> 30303

Now check UDP option and Broadcast optnion and create the socket.
Builder wait.jpg

After the switching on of the Flyport, the Annuonce message is sent automatically and in Receive data it is possible to see the message. Builder ann.jpg

To know the Flyport IP it is important to active the debug clicking on the "Debugging..." button and to reset the Flyport
Builder ann deb.jpg

[From: >]PICUS <- Flyport IP
[< From]

Request an Announce message

The Announce message is sent every time that a character D is trasmitted to the port 30303.
It is possible to send this data to the Flyport IP or to (this IP address is the same as writing "this network")
Builder ann deb request.jpg

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